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Keen mobi ESPN began week-extensive complete multiplatform

Keen mobi ESPN began week-extensive complete multiplatform {On-metadata factors are the ones that are under the control of the developer: title, developer name, description, icon, screenshots, feature graphic. You wish. Keenmobi gets the best results for partners because we built our own DATACUBE App Store Intelligence software from the ground up. A large amount of [...]

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Miguel Tsuchiya
Miguel Tsuchiya
President / CEO

Miguel is an active, visionary entrepreneur in the application of mobile technologies in people’s daily lives. At present, he is flowlab’s President / CEO.

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Previously he was senior manager at a Venture Capital and Business Consulting company - Blueline Advanced Services / Najeti - leading the IT&C area. In addition, Miguel has helped several Spanish regional governments and local entities in the definition of innovation strategies and policies, developing ‘m-Government’ master plans. He has also developed the App strategy of a leading mobile operator.

Miguel graduated with distinction in a Master of Science in Operational Communications Cable & Wireless at the University of Coventry.

He got an Electronic Engineering degree at the Ramon Llull University.

He lives in Barcelona with his wife and two sons, Hiroshi and Takeshi, and enjoys the sport of skiing, hobby he gained as a child when participating in the tough ski jumping competitions.

Fco. Javier Sancho
Fco. Javier Sancho

Javier founded flowlab and is currently COO. He has developed his career in the business and technology consulting field working first as consultant and evolving towards management and leading positions.

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In his beginnings as a technology consultant he lived the 2000 “.com” boom in the front line, participating in different leading start-ups in the Media and Internet service field. Later he collaborated with some of the ‘Big 5’ Strategy Consulting firms in the areas of telecom and new technologies. He has now been 10 years working in the health & technology area, creating cutting-edge solutions for HC suppliers, pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies.

Javier got an engineering degree in Telecommunications and Electronics; maybe that is why he loves new gadgets and technologies so much. He also did some degrees in business administration with a special focus on operations management. He has always lived between Madrid and Barcelona, until he finally settled in his hometown Burgos, where he lives with his wife. He loves surfing in the Bay of Biscay and dreams of finally getting his Private Aircraft Pilot License.

He has always lived between Madrid and Barcelona, until he finally settled in his hometown Burgos, where he lives with his wife. He loves surfing in the Bay of Biscay and dreams of finally getting his Private Aircraft Pilot License.

Marc Arnal
Marc Arnal

Marc has devoted his career to implementing innovative technology solutions for large and medium size companies

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Marc has been focused for more than 15 years on how to implement innovative solutions and how to gather and analyze data in order to manage uncertainty and novelty in highly complex contexts. This led him to develop true expertise in web, mobile and hardware solutions. Data analysis and Business Intelligence, platforms and new gadgets are his specialties. He is always searching for effectiveness and technical quality and he is very critical with the usability and user experience.

As a project leader, Marc has implemented new solutions for different industries related to finance, insurance companies, telecom operators, media, contact centers and health.

Marc is enthusiastic about new technologies and new methodologies for team management. He graduated as Telecommunications and Electronics engineer at Ramon Llull University. He later completed courses in project management and market products such as Oracle and Microstrategy.

He currently lives in Madrid with his wife and two sons.

Federico de Gispert
Fred de Gispert
Vice President

Fred is a strategy thinker, serial entrepreneur and now Vice President at flowlab in charge of international alliances and PR.

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He began as a management consultant for media, telecom and utilities, moved to marketing in leading FMCG multinational companies and finally decided to move to entrepreneurship. Since then he has been designing new business models in technology, media, consumer foods and health services. He has also designed some interesting different strategic frameworks for innovation decision making that are now applied at flowlab and some of its clients.

Fred is passionate about communication, he teaches at ESADE Business School different subjects in the Social Science department, is a recurrent speaker in different forums and founded an innovation professionals to foster network and share experiences between top professionals in the field.

He received BBA degree from ESADE and earned an MBA from IESE Business School. He also studied at Kelley School of Business (IU) and at Tuck Business School (Dartmouth).

Fred lives in Barcelona, with his family, and enjoys writing a never-ending tale based on Vladimir Propp’s “Morphology of the Folk Tale”. More news to come…

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