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Keen mobi ESPN began week-extensive complete multiplatform

Keen mobi ESPN began week-extensive complete multiplatform {On-metadata factors are the ones that are under the control of the developer: title, developer name, description, icon, screenshots, feature graphic. You wish. Keenmobi gets the best results for partners because we built our own DATACUBE App Store Intelligence software from the ground up. A large amount of [...]

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Smart Health Solutions Big Data
The development of new services and medical devices that help people to manage their health and the large amount of data that they generate, are a perfect field to apply Big Data techniques.

flowlab works for the process and analysis of health data with the aim to facilitate real-time health information to professionals, improve triage, prevention, diagnosis and patient treatment, and reduce hospital admissions and prescribing mistakes.

SISCLAP, a project developed in collaboration with Badalona Serveis Assistencials, is focused on the creation of new stratifications of patients based on case-mix systems.

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